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Professional Cleaning at Reasonable Rates

We Do Our Best to Make Cleaning Convenient for our Customers

Carpet Cleaning Plainfield


No matter how careful you are or how faithfully you vacuum and clean there comes a time, when the carpets of your home, need more TLC than you may be able to give them. Children, pets, spills, and simple walking across your carpeting will eventually lead to ground in dirt, stains, and even odors. While those made for home use, and rental carpet cleaning machines may do a passable job on slightly dirty carpets, to get that real deep down clean and to remove stubborn odors there may come a time when you simply need more then this light cleaning machines and their cleaning products can give. When that time comes the professionals at Carpet Cleaning Plainfield can help return those carpets to that nearly new clean condition.

We Clean All Types of Carpeting

You don’t have to worry that we won’t be able to meet your carpet cleaning needs, because we clean all types of carpeting including:

  • Synthetic and natural fibers
  • handmade carpets and machine made carpets
  • High or low pile
  • Olefin
  • Wool and wool blends
  • Berber

We offer three carpet cleaning options to meet your home’s specific needs. For more detailed information betfair free bet code. These options include:

  • Basic Cleaning- Our basic cleaning is designed for those families who are just looking for a light cleaning and freshening of their home’s carpeting. It provides a fresh clean look and smell to your carpet that matches the cleanliness of your rest of your home.
  • Steam Cleaning- Our steam cleaning option is great for removing not only dirt and odors from your carpet, but germs and bacteria as well. Steam cleaning reaches deep down into the carpet fibers and draw the dirt to the surface when the steam cleaning machine’s extraction product sucks up the dirt. Many of our customers use our steam cleaning option for more in depth cleaning or when those pets brings fleas into the home that need to be removed.
  • Deep Cleaning- Our deep cleaning services provide deep down cleaning for those really dirty carpets that you sometimes find when moving into a new place that has been previously rented or when there are several pet stains or other stains that are discoloring your carpeting.

With each of our cleaning options we use only the most effective and gentle to your carpet organic cleaners. These cleaners do wonders at removing most household dirt and odors without leaving behind that dusty chemical residue. They are also safer for children than pets than those chemical cleaners as well. We also have special cleaning products that remove almost all stubborn stains and odors from carpets as well.

Residential and Commercial Cleaning

We offer both residential and commercial carpeting cleaning services so that your business can look as good as your home. If your commercial carpets need cleaning will do our best to arrange a day and a time to clean those carpets that is convenient to you and won’t interfere with your business hours.

To Schedule a free consultation or get a free estimate for our residential or commercial carpet cleaning services call us at 779-204-0999 or talk to online representative. Our extended hours are from 8 to 8 and we provide same day services upon request.


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